XQuare Fusion: XQuery-based information integration engine


XQuery is an XML query language designed by the W3C to be broadly applicable across a large variety of native or non-native XML data sources, including structured and semi-structured documents, relational databases, and object databases.

XQuare Fusion provides an implementation compatible with XQuery and applicable to heterogeneous data distributed accross the enterprise. It is a middleware that wraps multiple and heterogeneous data sources (including XML documents and relational databases) into collections of XML documents, which can then be queried using XQuery.

XQuare Fusion provides mechanisms to:

  • Expose several heterogeneous data sources as a single, virtual XML database (made of collections of XML documents). This XML view exports its metadata information as a strongly-typed XML schema.
  • Execute strongly-typed XQuery queries over the exposed XML collections.
  • Return query results as newly constructed XML documents.

The above mechanisms represent a complete framework for efficiently publishing enterprise information in XML.

The data sources actually supported by XQuare Fusion are :

  • Relational databases wrapped through XQuare Bridge.
  • XML documents.
  • Data wrapped through XQuare Fusion.
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